Tuesday, September 29, 2009


As Americans, we tend to miss out on global news and what is really going around the world if we're not looking for it. For instance, how about this military coup going on in Honduras?!

President Manuel Zelaya was literally forced out of office by gunpoint on June 28 after he announced that a non-binding consultation on whether citizens supported changes to the consitution would be held.

The following is a timeline of events, courtesy of BBC online:

28 June: Zelaya forced out of country at gunpoint

5 July: A dramatic bid by Zelaya to return home by plane fails after the runway at Tegucigalpa airport is blocked

25-26 July: Zelaya briefly crosses into the country from Nicaragua on two consecutive days

21 Sept: Zelaya appears in the Brazilian embassy in Tegulcigalpa

27 Sept: Honduras issues 10-day ultimatum to Brazil and threatens to close embassy

As of Sunday, coup leader, decreed a 45 day suspension of the current constitution.

And TODAY (09/29), he's now saying civil liberties could be restored.

Let it be known that this is a big HONKIN' deal, okay?

And we all SHOULD know what's going down in other


especially because we cast our

big, American shadow far and wide and

it reaches each and every one of them.

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