Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sweet Vindication

This article alone has made my week...

It's important and credible.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


"A year from now, a different president (probably a woman, an African-American, a Mormon or a former POW) will be giving a maiden speech from the well of the House of Representatives. The nation will still be mired in Iraq and may well be battling to emerge from a recession. But one thing is certain: Nostalgia for the good old days when George W. Bush gave a State of the Union will be muted if not nonexistent."

- Walter Shapiro

The Office

So, yesterday my boss walks over to my desk with a hand full of ripped up paper...

She sighs.

Then she says, "I accidentally ripped these up, but I shouldn't have. Could you please put them back together and call the number on them and schedule an appointment to get our water meters read?"

So, she ripped up some mail, realized what she'd done, and then plopped a pile of ripped up post cards on my desk to have me deal with it.

I wish I could say this type of thing was abnormal around here...

Monday, January 28, 2008

I know everyone and their mom is talking about Heath Ledger's passing, but I just read this on Perez (Give me a break! I'm a nut for pop culture!) and I found it quite moving...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Let's Spoon

Well hello...

I just thought I'd pop in to tell each and every one of you that I am currently really, really lovin' on the band Spoon.

I highly recommend that you let them light up your life, as they are currently lighting up mine. They sold me first with the song "Underdog" which some of you may have heard in bars or on the radio (if you listen to good stations). Anyway, it's great, but so is the whole's called Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. If you aren't sold with the title of the album alone, I don't really know what to say.

I'm currently delving into their earlier stuff and it is just as delightful.

Here's hoping each and every one of you has a safe, happy, and healthy weekend!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ch-ch-ch-check It Ouuuuuut!

Our intro from Sketch Fest is up on YouTube!

WARNING: Katie Sambo looks like total crap in this video, as she filmed it on her lunch breaks, without paying much attention to make-up or hair.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Hey, want to hear about my weekend? Cool.

Just this last weekend was the coldest we’ve had all year. It was disgusting. I felt like I should have been hanging out with Jack London and husky. Anyway, the cold didn’t keep me inside. In an uncharacteristic move on my part, I actually went out ALL weekend…and I’m really glad I did; it was a hoot!

Friday- I met up with Carly, Ann and Keenan for margaritas at Caesar’s. From there we headed over to SoPo (sans Carly- she’s our “mature” friend) where I happened to run into my childhood besty, Ms. Katie Nudo. We were close back in the St. Raymond days and into high school. Back in the day, we enjoyed riding bikes, passing notes and fighting over John Bopp. Anyway, it’s always good to catch up with old pals…especially when they were around during the dramatic puberty years ;)

I ended up at Carly’s, after finding myself locked out of Dustin’s (my fault!). I also made a few phone calls that I remember about 5% of. Needless to say, Saturday was painful, but STILL fun!

Saturday- Dustin and I went to see Cloverfield. I actually really liked it! I love a good destructive, creepy, “holy crap!” movie. Plus, the lead is a Columbia Theatre alum, so that’s totally cool (and he’s totally adorable!). From there I went to a party with Gabes and Keenan (aka “The Kristins”) where we knew about 1.3 people, but became fast friends after playing “slap the bag” (You don’t know what that is? Too bad!) THEN we headed over to Sedgwicks…while there, Keenan and I were talking to a guy from the party when suddenly another guy jumped out of nowhere and punched the guy we were talking to, and knocked over an exposed flame, starting a small fire and getting blood all over the floor. It was gross and scary…and we still don’t understand why it happened. Drunken fooooools!

Sunday- Ann, Gabes, Keenan and myself spent a glorious two hours at Chipolte before Gabes and Ann met up at my house where we ordered Italian and watched Bring It On Pt. 4: In It To Win It. I’m sure you caught that one as well. I like to think it’s going to be an instant classic! CHEER SMACK DOWN!

The only way to get through a job that tends to get me down is to have weekends like this one (well, sometimes I don’t need to ingest so many toxins, but still!). I love my friends and after a lame, lame, LAME past few months, it seems that things are looking up.

Oh! It’s officially t-minus 16 days ‘til I join the old ladies club and turn 23!

B-day shout out to Dustin, who joins the club today! Love youuuuuu!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I forgot to mention in my debut blog that my besty has fled the country. Okay, well she hasn’t actually “fled”, she’s just moved…to the other side of the world! Rachael “Fatty” Albers is now residing in Australia with her honey, Mr. Scott Farlow. She left just before the New Year and yes, there were lots of tears. Although I welcome this exciting time for my favorite gal, I do miss her terribly. She starts school next month and here’s hoping she knocks ‘em dead (well, not dead…it is a Theological school, after all!). As many of you know, we have been pretty disgustingly inseparable for the last three years, so it’s definitely taking some getting used to. I am currently feelin’ the burn, BUT I’m sure even Romy and Michelle welcomed time apart (this is, of course if they weren't fictional characters...)

She sealed the farewell deal perfectly with pretty much the greatest gift ever- a coffee table book all about US. That’s right, it’s called Professional Besties: How we made it in the world’s toughest business. It’s hilarious and wonderful. I’m pretty darn blessed :)

Happy adventure time, fat girl!

PS- "Fatty" is a term of endearment. Let it be known that RayRay is a fit chica.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hi, I'm New Here

I may be new, but I am certainly not a first time blogger- I just thought it was time to move on from Live Journal. To be honest, the name "Live Journal" always creeped me out. "Blogger" just get's right to the point, y'know? Besides, I'm currently in the midst of a love affair with Gmail and if this is the blog they offer, then by golly, this is the blog I will have!

Anyhoo, for those of you who haven't been clued into the boring life that I've been living the last few months, don't haven't missed much. I'm currently pulling myself out of a "post-graduation" slump. Over the summer I suddenly realized that I wasn't sure what I was going to do with my life. Then, I sat around and pined over the fact that I didn't know what I want to do with my life. Acting? Peace Corps? Grad school? Laying around and doing nothing? The options are endless. But alas, it is a new year and I am less than one month away from my 23rd (ew) birthday and suddenly the unknown of my future doesn't seem so fact, it seems kind exciting!

- I currently work @ a property management company in Edgewater. It's boring, but it pays the bills and it's flexible. I work in a small office with four other people (two of whom I happen to be related to). It's surprisingly amusing sometimes, but not in the "haha" way, more in the "I quietly snicker to myself" way.

- I just recently performed in the Chicago Sketch Fest with Awkward Silence. It was a blast and well-received. It helped remind me how much I love performing. My life is lacking without.

- I'm vegan. Don't furrow your brow! I love it! Environmentalism revolves around the fork, y'all. Read Mad Cowboy by Howard Lyman and your life is sure to change for the better. Don't knock it 'til you try it.

- I'm currently looking into doing some volunteering/traveling in the next year or so. Possibly the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps? I secretly wanted to do it ever since volunteering during the summers in high school, but throughout college I was married to the idea of becoming a working actor right out of school. Suddenly the world seems a lot bigger and my interest in current events continues to grow. I'm beginning to think I'm capable of doing a lot more than just sitting in a room, waiting for an audition...we-shall-seeeee!

I'm done with my first blogger blog now. If you read all this, THANK YOU. If not, then you won't even see this part in the blog when I call you a FOOL for not sticking with me.

Okay! See around!