Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You May All Go To Hell, But I Went To Texas*

This is at The Oasis in Austin, TX- by far the coolest place I've ever had a cocktail.

Just last weekend, my sister and I went out to visit my Uncle and his fam just outside of Austin. How lovely it was to wear shorts and SEE the sun! I was surprised at how beautiful it was! Hills, greenery, etc. And although we only spent a few hours actually IN Austin itself, I loved the city and really want to get back there. Maybe there's an Austin City Limits in my future...

Oh, and I came to the realization that Texas is the most American place in America- I'm being general here, of course, but I mean the whole patriotism thing. In many parts of the world, it's rare to have a flag hanging on every other house like here in the states. We are notoriously SUPER patriotic and Texans are SUPER into Texas. Most cars I saw in the greater Austin area either had a long horn or state shape decal on their car. Go big or go home, I guess! Anyway, I couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of having the shape of good ole Illinois on the back of my car or slapping my chest and saying, "You wanna mess with me?! I'm from ILLINOIS! Don't mess with ILLINOIS!" Okay, you get the joke.

Oh, one more thing- did you know there is a Laura Bush Elementary School? Well, there is. I have no real beef with Laura as person, so I'm not trying to be a hater when I wonder why she has a school at all, let alone ALREADY. There's no Hillary Clinton Elementary School in her home state of ILLINOIS. Then again, we're not Texas.

*My subject line is a take off of the quote, "You may all go to hell, but I will go to Texas", allegedly said by Davy Crockett (y'know, King of the Wild Frontier?) when declaring if he lost his run for congress in Tennessee, he'd move to Texas. He did lose and he did move to Texas- only to die at the Alamo a year later. You BETTER believe that quote is ALL over mugs and
t-shirts down in TX!


Kieron said...

em. coolest place youve ever had a cocktail?? Bryant Park?? HMMMmmm???
he he he. It does look beautiful :)
The state decal thing is HILLARIOUS. If I were to put a state decal of NSW on my car I would be the ONLY person in NSW with a NSW decal on my car. Crazy Crazy Texans. Im going to laugh about that all afternoon.

Katie Sambo said...

Well, Bryant Park was with the coolest PERSON I've ever had drinks with. How's that?

I just COL (chuckled out loud- let's not get too carried away and LAUGH. I'm at work after all!) at the thought of you having big NSW pride and proudly driving around with the decal on your car.