Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Movin' Out (Of the Country)

Although there have been many issues and happenings going on the the world that have my noggin all a flutter, I have been a bit too busy to blog these days. My apologies.

I have decided to move to Costa Rica to teach English as a foreign language. I actually decided this a few months back, but it's only recently that I've got the ball rolling. I am leaving my job (!!!) at the end of April and leaving for Latin America in Mid-May.

I have twenty-eight work days left. I decided today that I'd start a countdown to my last day. I'm not sure if that'll make the last month here more or less bearable, but I can't tell you how glorious it is to have an end in site. It's even more glorious/exciting to have a new beginning on the horizon. (Did I really just say "new beginning on the horizon"? Yeah. I'm just that excited.)

This big move has yet to really sink in, so right now I'm focusing on the present reality- tying up loose ends and spending as much quality time with all the people I'm lucky enough to love in the Chicago area.

More posts to follow...like about HEALTHCARE! Y'all know I have somethin' to say about that!

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