Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Aaaand Scene!

On Monday, I shot a scene for Peter's pilot, I Am Diana Ross as a favor to my favorite Greek from Canada by way of LA...

I completely viewed it as a favor, so when I pulled my tired rump out of bed @ 6am on Monday, I was not feeling very inspired to deliver my four lines...HOWEVER, I ended up having a great time! It was totally a legit little shoot. They even clapped for me when I was done filming just like the kind of thing you'd see in the "Making Of" portion of the special features. Oh! And they had a food! They even catered! I was impressed. I wish I could do it more often (uh oh!). From what I could tell, it seems like a pretty funny concept they've got going on, so I'm definitely honored that Pete asked me to be a part of it.

I still love acting, y'all- I just don't love the business, BUT if I get a chance to do a little bit every few months, it definitely soothes my tortured artist soul.

It's my first love, after all.

((If I get a hold of some pics, I'll post them; I looked wonderfully hideous))

1 comment:

dreeface said...

okay im only saying this cause im drunk but fuck you peter!!!!!
he never returns any of my messages. he's dead to me. and im appalled he didn't approach me to play diana ross.

but hey, glad you had fun! hahahaha