Saturday, March 22, 2008

Clownin' Around

So, I happened upon this ridiculous picture the other night and my first thought was "Even baby clowns are kind of creepy!" then I realized it was supposed to be a baby Ronald McDonald and then I was even more creeped out. Are you creeped out? You should be. Sorry to be so bossy, but come ON!

Anyway, I immediately thought of my hungry-for-knowledge best friend, Rachael- she's currently reading Consumed by Benjamin R. Barber, and being the good little Blogita she is, she posted an interesting and informed blog all about it. She mentions the "infantilist ethos in the current marketplace". What does "infantilist ethos" mean exactly? Well, Barber says it "
Dumbs down adults into impetuous consumers and empowers children as consumerist decision-makers".

Thanks, McDonalds- you never fail to embody the capitalistic dream.


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