Tuesday, July 15, 2008


My friend Dustin's newest "man of interest" is 4/5. According to Dust, this means that this guy meets 4 of the 5 dating standards he's set.

Of course I have standards, but I've never narrowed them down to 5 and stacked them up one on top of the other. It's a good idea. (Even the list does get tossed one day...)

My 5

1) Intelligent
2) Attractive
3) Informed/involved (left leaning, of course)
4) Funny/down to earth
5) Feels right

((I grouped informed with involved, they go hand in hand...and the kind of funny I prefer is down to earth. Call it cheating but it's my freakin' list. #5 exists to seal the deal.

Nothing special, I know. I'm keeping it general; specifics paint me into a corner.

I have yet to really meet anyone that has scored a 5. I have an ex that at one point I would have blissfully proclaimed was a 5+, but bliss wore off and reality set in. He was a 4, but no 5.

I'll meet a guy out that's obviously attractive, but obviously unimpressive- completely content with being "normal" and totally "dude/bro". OR I'll come across a really smart, informed individual that just isn't boyfriend-y. (Unfortunately the "dude/bros" are much more frequent...)

My plight is unexceptional, I know. I think that may be the most frustrating part.

Forgive the single girl- I'm sitting in a metaphorical waiting room, getting sick of the scenery. It helps to draw up plans.
(Even if it is just to kill time.)

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