Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back in Action

My father recently sent me an email asking if I still blogged- the answer is yes, but the last few weeks have been crazy at work and by the time the day ends, the last thing I want to do is stare at a computer screen.

But I’m back, people/Dad!

I return to the blogosphere with good news- I have officially/FINALLY relocated to the great metropolis of Chicago. It’s been a long time coming and I finally got my shizz together and made it happen. Props to my besty for setting me up with a very useful budget on Excel. She now gets to partake in free cable whenever she likes because she’s a mere floor below me!

Anyhoo, I actually LIVE in the building I WORK in, so that’s convenient. I feel like it’s payback for all the years of commuting back and forth to school and work. Commuting helped to make my life much more stressful than it ever had to be.

Here’s where I thank ALL my city dwelling friends for always lending me a couch to crash on. I seriously have wonderful, dependable friends; I never once felt stranded in the city in the four years I’ve been doing my thang down here. I also need to shout-out to Dustin because he is a true blue helpful pal with the move-in. I may not have a boyfriend, but he plays his gay boyfriend role wonderfully.

Also many thanks to mi padres for y’know, everything.

It’s election season, folks and it’s sure to be juuuuuicy. How about that nutjob, Palin? ;)

More to come…!


Grace said...

kate, i want to come visit you!

Katie Sambo said...

I want you to come visit too! Once I'm all settled, we'll plan it!