Monday, October 20, 2008

Commercials That Confuse Me

A downside of living in my own place and having all of a 30 second commute??


When I still lived at home and was commuting, I hadn't a care in the world for TV...but now that I'm living alone with more time and a TV staring me in the face, I've succumb to the dirty, rotten world of the boob tube.

Anyway, in my new television trance state, I've found a few confusing commercials...

Check out this one for Luv's diapers. What part of little baby animated hippies going to a music festival would make a person want to buy diapers? And why should little babies be spending time at music festivals? I'm confused.

I'd love to be in the room when they pitch these commerical ideas- "Okay! I got this idea! You want to sell diapers? I know what'll sell diapers...toddlers at a music festival, rockin' out to the sounds of Get Together by The Youngbloods!!!" If I were a mother, the thought of my baby at an outdoor music fest would only make me irritated. That is a very sticky situation.

The second is for Nuva Ring
. Now, clearly the people working at Nuva Ring are on drugs (under the influence of TOO much Nuva Ring, perhaps??). Synchronized swimmers in matching outfits in a pool? I get it- they represent the pills in the circular thing...I think. And that song? THAT SONG HAUNTS ME! It's creepy and strange, but it does make more sense than the baby hippies.

I need to start reading again.


Dustin said...

What about that high-fructose corn syrup one? Where they implicate that its OK to consume such creation.

Warren said...

I absolutely love the DVR! I miss so many commercials. I have seen the high-fructose corn syrup one. It's corn you know, what's better than corn. I sat there thinking, what....just...happened....

Katie Sambo said...

Haha! I know! It's seriously terrifying.

Lee said...

They are both very silly adds, yes. But outdoor parties - at least the ones we have over here, are very family friendly. They're like extended family picnics. With love, happiness and psytrance.