Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting All Maverick-y

I read the ten page article, Make Believe Maverick in Rolling Stone yesterday and gee whiz! I'm sure glad I did, don't ya know!

(Rather than watching mindless TV, plop down and read it.)


It's crunch time and this is getting exciting. I caught a clip of Elizabeth Hassleback on The View today squawking about Obama's connection to Bill Ayers and the table also brought up McCain's involvement in the Keating Five. Barbara Walters was right to point out that slander isn't the way to campaign and we should all be focusing on the issues. She's right...BUT! Hassleback didn't Hassleback down! She insisted that this means Obama is palling around with terrorists.

Let's consider this...

Barack Obama once attended a party at Bill Ayers' home in his honor. That's what we know. John McCain, on the other hand, was involved in a huge political scandal that was directly related to the savings and loans crisis in the late 80's. Yes, I'm disgustingly liberal and so of course I'm not completely terrified by the Obama/Ayers connection. But in general, if we are
going to actually go back in time and point fingers, shouldn't we be more concerned about an actual accusation- an involved, serious, jeopardizing case that was directly tied to a financial crisis, as opposed to a one time canoodle with someone who was radical FORTY years ago?

Just sayin'.

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