Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring For You

My two favorite seasons are spring and fall. They are in between, oftentimes unsure and unpredictable, fleeting and always beautiful. When spring rolls around, I am sure that I love it more than fall...and then fall rolls around...

Today spring is my favorite season. I am sure of this today.

Spring and fall are both very nostalgic seasons for me. Events that occurred during these times seem to stick more than other times. My springs have often been times of beginnings, new people and new possibilities. There is a freeing feeling in spring and there is an itch of excitement to get out and explore after being in hibernation for months.

Some of my most memorable springs were in grade school- grades 6th-8th. My memories of this time are filled with long bike rides after school, trips to the creek down the street, inseparable friends, my first real kiss, and the first feelings of really, really, really liking a boy.

More recently, my first year at Columbia, sophomore year of college, was another memorable and exciting spring- lunches in grant park, parties, more inseparable friends and more serious feelings of really, really liking a boy.

I'm such a dork for nostalgia that even when I was 13 years old, I remember thinking, "Don't forget this; this is important"...and it was. This spring is an adult spring, but I am fortunate that I still find comfort in the memories it stirs up.

This nostalgic rant was actually brought about by a song I just heard and something about it just reminded me of older, sweeter springs- Sing For You by Tracy Chapman. Click on the link and enjoy. It's beautiful...just like spring :)

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