Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh, bama

Despite my previous obvious, passionate push for Obama to become president, in the months following the election, I continued to learn more about capitalism and the current political system and although I do feel as though he was the lesser of two evils, I know that his time in office will have little effect on the greater problem.

I like Obama- his charisma is undeniable. I love watching a young, vibrant family in the white house, but overall it's the same old song.

People often reply to my unimpressed response to him with, "Well we knew he wasn't the second coming, but..." I'm not saying I expected miracles. In fact, now I don't expect much at all, but Matthew Rothschild's article, Rahm Emanuel Is the Definition of Unprincipled, hits the nail on the disappointment head.

Here's an excerpt:

That’s the problem I have with Emanuel—and with Obama.

There’s no principle they’re willing to go to the mat for.

They didn’t fight for universal single-payer health care.

They didn’t fight for giving judges the authority to reduce the mortgages of people in bankruptcy.

They didn’t fight against the bank bailout.

They didn’t fight to keep GM from shutting down plants and laying off 21,000 people, even when they’re taking ownership of GM.

They didn’t fight for marriage equality or against don’t ask, don’t tell.

They didn’t fight against indefinite detention without trial; hell, they’ve embraced it.

They didn’t fight to dismantle Bush’s entire edifice of repression, including the NSA spying and the Military Commissions Act.

And they haven’t fought to bring the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to speedier close.

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