Thursday, January 17, 2008


I forgot to mention in my debut blog that my besty has fled the country. Okay, well she hasn’t actually “fled”, she’s just moved…to the other side of the world! Rachael “Fatty” Albers is now residing in Australia with her honey, Mr. Scott Farlow. She left just before the New Year and yes, there were lots of tears. Although I welcome this exciting time for my favorite gal, I do miss her terribly. She starts school next month and here’s hoping she knocks ‘em dead (well, not dead…it is a Theological school, after all!). As many of you know, we have been pretty disgustingly inseparable for the last three years, so it’s definitely taking some getting used to. I am currently feelin’ the burn, BUT I’m sure even Romy and Michelle welcomed time apart (this is, of course if they weren't fictional characters...)

She sealed the farewell deal perfectly with pretty much the greatest gift ever- a coffee table book all about US. That’s right, it’s called Professional Besties: How we made it in the world’s toughest business. It’s hilarious and wonderful. I’m pretty darn blessed :)

Happy adventure time, fat girl!

PS- "Fatty" is a term of endearment. Let it be known that RayRay is a fit chica.

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Nathan said...

"Thanks for wakin' me up, Romy...God, what a bitch..."