Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Office

So, yesterday my boss walks over to my desk with a hand full of ripped up paper...

She sighs.

Then she says, "I accidentally ripped these up, but I shouldn't have. Could you please put them back together and call the number on them and schedule an appointment to get our water meters read?"

So, she ripped up some mail, realized what she'd done, and then plopped a pile of ripped up post cards on my desk to have me deal with it.

I wish I could say this type of thing was abnormal around here...


Dustin said...

Kate, I took your advice to make work a little more fun around here.

I made a game for you.

I made a puzzle for you to put together, kind of by accident.

But when you do put it together, there's important codes on the front.

Enter the codes and save the world.

Isn't that fun?

Katie Sambo said...