Monday, January 21, 2008

Hey, want to hear about my weekend? Cool.

Just this last weekend was the coldest we’ve had all year. It was disgusting. I felt like I should have been hanging out with Jack London and husky. Anyway, the cold didn’t keep me inside. In an uncharacteristic move on my part, I actually went out ALL weekend…and I’m really glad I did; it was a hoot!

Friday- I met up with Carly, Ann and Keenan for margaritas at Caesar’s. From there we headed over to SoPo (sans Carly- she’s our “mature” friend) where I happened to run into my childhood besty, Ms. Katie Nudo. We were close back in the St. Raymond days and into high school. Back in the day, we enjoyed riding bikes, passing notes and fighting over John Bopp. Anyway, it’s always good to catch up with old pals…especially when they were around during the dramatic puberty years ;)

I ended up at Carly’s, after finding myself locked out of Dustin’s (my fault!). I also made a few phone calls that I remember about 5% of. Needless to say, Saturday was painful, but STILL fun!

Saturday- Dustin and I went to see Cloverfield. I actually really liked it! I love a good destructive, creepy, “holy crap!” movie. Plus, the lead is a Columbia Theatre alum, so that’s totally cool (and he’s totally adorable!). From there I went to a party with Gabes and Keenan (aka “The Kristins”) where we knew about 1.3 people, but became fast friends after playing “slap the bag” (You don’t know what that is? Too bad!) THEN we headed over to Sedgwicks…while there, Keenan and I were talking to a guy from the party when suddenly another guy jumped out of nowhere and punched the guy we were talking to, and knocked over an exposed flame, starting a small fire and getting blood all over the floor. It was gross and scary…and we still don’t understand why it happened. Drunken fooooools!

Sunday- Ann, Gabes, Keenan and myself spent a glorious two hours at Chipolte before Gabes and Ann met up at my house where we ordered Italian and watched Bring It On Pt. 4: In It To Win It. I’m sure you caught that one as well. I like to think it’s going to be an instant classic! CHEER SMACK DOWN!

The only way to get through a job that tends to get me down is to have weekends like this one (well, sometimes I don’t need to ingest so many toxins, but still!). I love my friends and after a lame, lame, LAME past few months, it seems that things are looking up.

Oh! It’s officially t-minus 16 days ‘til I join the old ladies club and turn 23!

B-day shout out to Dustin, who joins the club today! Love youuuuuu!!!

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dreeface said...

HEY are we hanging out Sat night? I think Mark is going to be back in town too...