Friday, February 1, 2008

Boogie Woogie Vegas, BABY!

So, I just watched my DVR'd episode of Oprah featuring none other than the Divine Miss M., Bette Midler. If you know me at all, you know that just the simple combination of Oprah and Bette fills me with great joy. (Here’s where you envision me staring up at the TV screen with a creepy/excited grin for the whole entire segment.)

Anyway, Bette was on the show to promote her new gig taking over Celine's spot in Vegas. Bette is 62 and just signed on for a two year deal. Um, if I have half that much energy when I'm 62, I'll be very, very pleased.

Snicker at my love of Bette all you want, but I'll have you know that her December 2004 concert was one of the highlights of my life. I kid you not. I feel secure enough to say that I know good music and I know good performing, and this was the ultimate in ANY kind of show I've seen.

That being said...

I've never had much of a desire to go to Vegas. I mean, I guess I'd like to see all those lights on the strip one day just to say I’ve seen them, but it's really not on my list of interesting or enlightening places I'd like to go. BUT seeing Bette live and in person in a warm climate IS. So, I've decided that at some point in the next two years I am going to go to Vegas! I'm going to go and soak up the sun, drink, and dance my ass off to Miss M. I have no doubt that it will be completely divine!

I’d say “hold me to it”, but I’m pretty much married to this plan already!

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Telly said...

i love her full-sized dancers!