Monday, February 4, 2008

Sure Can!

So, you may have seen this "Yes We Can" music video by Wil.I.Am-'s pretty cool, but a little cheesy. Some of the celebs in it aren't very admirable, nor well known. I feel like he may have just sent out a mass text and hoped for the best. I was hoping that maybe Oprah, Paul Newman or someone of that credibility would pop up...but no.

Anyway, I'm posting this for two reasons-

1) I think this is actually a very cool mix of an outstanding and inspiring speech by the man that I feel is best suited to lead our country. (Obama, not Wil.I.Am- tough call, I know)

2) Scarlett Johansson takes herself so freakin' seriously in this video that it's absolutely hilarious.

So, enjoy!

I did :)

1 comment:

dreeface said...

awww I really liked that.
and yes scarlet was a total dork in that. plus she can't sing for crap.