Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back In Green

First off, I apologize for not posting in ages. I wish I could say it's because I'm out being outrageously fabulous and saving endangered babies, but that'd be a lie. I've just been plain old lazy. Forgive me, adoring fan(s), forgive me.

I can't remember a time recently where I've found myself on a Monday morning feeling excited about just being alive after the weekend. This euphoria is thanks to the Green Festival. Usually I'm depressed about how short the weekend is and the lame job that I return to at the start of every week, BUT not this week!

Rachael and I spent pretty much the whole weekend at the fest- volunteering and seeing the sights. I got to see two speakers- Amy Goodman of Democracy Now and John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman (I'm currently reading and loving it!). Amy was amazing, John was less-amazing, but still good to see and meet.

We volunteered on Saturday for Global Exchange at their store, where we worked as the wacky but endearing cashiers. The crowd loved us and so did John, our "boss" for the day. On Sunday, we were in charge of making sure each vendor cleaned up after themselves, which basically meant Rach and I walked around after the fest closed and took pictures of messy booths and wrote the offenders up- the perfect job for two judgmental ladies like us ;)

It was a wonderful and exciting environment to be in all weekend. We were surrounded by people that care- people who have dedicated their lives and careers to the greater good. Sure, there was a whole lot of green consumerism, but there were also a whole lot of causes and movements that are doing their part and making a dent. It was also pretty awesome that the cuisine was mostly vegan- no perilous searching for something just right for me- I actually had options!

Not only did I leave the weekend more informed and inspired, but I also have a new, socially concious cell-phone provider, Credo Mobile. Go to the site and see what they're all about. I'm going to talk on the phone anyway, so why not have some of the profit do some good?

Rach and I spent a long time talking to John from Global Exchange and it turns out that he's a pretty awesome guy- he's worked for non-profits his whole life, is a cancer survivor, an artist and he's does non-violence advocacy in schools. Check out his art- www.meltguns.com

Oh, and I also picked up the documentary, 9/11 Mysteries. Trust me when I say that you NEED to see this film. It blew my mind. My mom watched it last night and her mind is blown as well. I own it, so you have no excuse for not accessing it!

I encourage EVERYONE to come to the fest next year! There were tons and tons of people there just to see what it was all about. You don't have to be a tree hugger extraordinaire to enjoy and benefit from all it has to offer.

PS- I solemnly swear to blog more often!

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rachael kay said...

Gee willickers,

I'm sure glad you're going to blog more often. We were all sobbing ourselves to sleep without you to DISH! You should write for Seventeen magazine!