Thursday, May 29, 2008


Today, upon hearing about my friend Ann making great strides in the workplace, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to send her a well-meaning, outrageously cheesy e-card.

Remember the old days of American Greetings and Blue Mountain e-cards? We had mounds upon mounds of cyber greetings to choose from!

I regret to inform all of you that the times have changed.

Apparently there are “memberships” now and if you’re not a “member” you really only have about one to two cards to choose from. Thankfully for me (and Ann!) I was able to snag a little bear triumphantly riding down a rainbow. I'm assuming he was a little gay bear. Anyway, I got to thinking about what kinds of people are actually members...I have a vision of a middle-aged woman named Bev in a homemade sweatshirt made from a kit you’d buy at Michael’s craft store in 1994, consistently reminding her friends and family that the sun shines a little brighter because of them. (I imagine that the sun is wearing sunglasses and smiling.)

But what about the rest of us? Why should we be forced into a commitment with American Greetings just because we want to send some gay bears to our loved ones once ever six to eight months?!

It’s just not fair.

I miss the glory days of the internet when we were free to click throughout the internet with the greatest of ease...the days of AOL profiles, buddy lists, passive aggressive and/or uncomfortable away messages and of course, a bevy of meaningless e-cards.

I will most likely recount these days to my children with a wistful, far-off glance.


Stephanie said...

I have some great news for you disgruntled Kate: Hallmark online has tons upon tons of free e-cards (yes I sent them often)! So click away and start sending!

Grace said...

I love your description of Bev!