Sunday, December 21, 2008

FYI: Tom Cruise is Hot Again

Has anyone noticed that Tom Cruise has been looking hot again lately?
(Don't get me wrong, I still think he's a little nut ball.)

I used to think Tom Cruise was the handsomest man alive. Looking back now, I realize that I probably liked the small man with boyish looks because I was between the ages of 5 and 14 at the time. Oh, and he wasn't obviously CRAZY yet.


Grace said...

so i remember that you were at my house when tom cruise and nicole kidman got divorced and you were telling me that you were so excited because you were going to marry him so he was getting ready. i believe you were also wearing and abercrombie sweatshirt and i asked what abercrombie was and you said i'd love it when i was older. haha i've never shopped at abercrombie =] i always thought i was going to though because you said i would. and i think that same day you were at my house we probably watched forrest gump. tommy and i always talk about how whenever you and courtney were over you guys always watched forrest gump and we never understood what was going on. i watched it last night, actually. i understand it now =] and i agree that tom cruise is hot again. when i saw the previews for valkyrie i was excited because he looked attractive. i love him in far and away, with his rosy cheeks. i'll see you on thursday!!!

Katie Sambo said...

I was excited they got divorced?! Oh man. I don't remember that! I do think Abercrombie sucks now, though. I actually kind of gave up on them late in high school- way too overpriced!

I hear Valkyrie is going to baaaaad, so I'm not particularly excited to see it and Tom has completely gone off his rocker, BUT I can appreciate a good lookin' shorty when I see one ;)

I won't be there on Thursday bc I'm volunteering :( We all need to get together soon!