Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chicago Cares

I've been getting Chicago Cares emails for awhile now, but just like everything else in my life, it's taken me awhile to actually get moving on volunteering with them.

What is Chicago Cares? Their website sums it up pretty nicely...
Since 1991, Chicago Cares has been inspiring individuals to serve our community by creating and leading original volunteer programming that addresses our community’s most pressing educational, environmental and social service needs. Whatever your passion, Chicago Cares has a group service project that aligns your interests with the needs of the community! "

If you're looking to do some volunteer work, I highly recommend using CC as a resource. Every month they post a calendar of various events that need volunteers and all you have to do is contact the coordinator of the event and you're in! I worked with them for the first time just this last weekend at a Sunday dinner in Rogers Park. It wasn't far from me at all and I met some really cool people. It was definitely the highlight of an already eventful weekend.

Check it out, peeps!

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