Monday, December 8, 2008

Rotten Apple

Computer hunt follow up...

Sorry Mac lovahs, I'm going with a PC.


"Green washing" (among other things).

Apple (a trendy/fab company), is always aware of what is well, trendy and fab and being "green" is all the rage these days (or rather being, "light green"...most folks aren't willing to push to total GREEN). Is Apple making efforts? Yes. But there are many GOOD and GREENER computers. Apple has toxic history (literally) and only after a big Greenpeace campaign to call them out on their shenanigans did they finally start taking note.

Also, Apple's bells and whistles aren't what I'm looking for. I quote Nick (one of my tenants/computer expert):

"...Macs on the other hand can be a little more difficult to become acclimated to if you've ONLY used PCs before.
Apple computers DO have more advanced graphic capabilities which is the main reason why they tend to be pricier. The graphics may be good but that's all you'll really get. It's GREAT for those that are in to digital/graphic design, photography and movie editing, etc etc. BECAUSE of those graphics capabilities."

I'm currently consulting Greenpeace's GUIDE TO GREENER ELECTRONICS. It's updated regularly, so I won't make my final call until just before I set out to make the purchase!


iv said...

i will admit that i have used macs my entire life, but let me just say this: boooooooooooo!

Katie Sambo said...

How rude!


iv said...

well played, step-on-me. well played.