Thursday, December 4, 2008

Helllllp me!

So, I'm on the hunt for a new laptop. I'm hoping to purchase one some time next month. The search is a bit confusing, as I am pretty much a tech doofus.

Originally I wanted a MacBook. They're so sleek, streamlined and seemingly efficient. BUT then I hear maybe I shouldn't go that route. HELP ME!!!

- I want something environmentally friendly (developed with that in mind)

- I want something that will LAST. I know most notebooks are built to crash so you can go out and buy a new one, but I want to make my money go as far as it can. I want my computer to have staying power and strength.

So...where to?

If anyone happens to come across this little desperate blog, please clue me in!
(You can comment on this blog if you have gmail, people!)


iv said...

buy the macbook, step-on-me! my first mac notebook served me well for three years, but i had to buy the new model to be compatible with my business school's computer network, so i bought a new one, but it's been another 2 years and my dad still has that first one running strong. the macbook i bought for school is still running strong as well. apple's marketing makes you want a new one every other year, but they're built to last, i promise.

Katie Sambo said...

Thanks, Wally! How...nice of you!

Mac people love their Macs, but I'm wondering what the down side is...? Why do Macs have haters?

Nathan said...

Just do it. You know you want to...

rz said...

Macs have haters because they are overpriced, apple makes very strong user-interface design decisions that don't always please everyone and because they are trendy.

As far as environmentally-friendly I think you'll find that most laptops are about as green. I have never looked into this in detail.

I am a recent mac-convert and a like my macbook pro a lot. Everyone I know who has a macbook loves it. Apple has good products and good tech support. Make sure you get apple care if you do get a mac, the extended warranty is nice.

Also check out the eee pc, not as powerful and without a large storage capacity, but really portable and cheap.

Katie Sambo said...

Wow! I love the response I'm getting! Thank you so much! Uh oh...Mac is in the lead! Any PC lovers out there care to make a case??