Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dumb it Down America!

The economy's in the crapper and we're spending at least $200 million every day on an unpopular war, so leave it to Good Morning America to deliver the real, nitty gritty, hard-hitting news to us...or not.

I rarely tune into GMA, but it happened to be on this morning as I got ready for work and I couldn't help but stand in cringing awe of this totally lame, consumeristic segment about the packaging on certain products. At first I thought they'd go into the environmental standpoint of uneccessary packaging, but silly me! They just want to talk about how tough it can be to open those testy little packages on Christmas morning!

"Good morning, America! Here's some useless information about consumer products to distract you from any real, troubling issues that might happen to cross your mind in between Dancing with the Stars and Gossip Girl!"

Oh, and please note "goofy" Diane Sawyer donning construction goggles.
Get out of there, Diane! Get out before you turn into a cartoon!


Warren said...

Heaven forbid that the toys come out of place. They need to look their best so people will spend spend spend and keep the economy going!!!

"The unemployment rate has remained low, at 4.5 percent. A recent report on retail sales shows a strong beginning to the holiday shopping season across the country -- and I encourage you all to go shopping more." GWB 2006

BTW, Happy Black Friday. Hopefully, this country will eventually wake up and see all the greed and gluttony in our obsessive compulsive spending habits.

Katie Sambo said...

Ugh! Amen to that attitude!