Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Lately I've noticed that abbreviations (abbreevs?) are all the rage.

Well, I'm here to share one that's been working very well for me lately...
(Short for "typical")

Now, maybe some trendy scenester has already coined this term, but I'm hear to stake my claim as current "typs" representative in the Edgewater neighborhood (also known as Edubz).

"Typs" is used best when frustrated:
"UGH- that is SO typs!"
"Jeffrey left the seat up

It helps to roll your eyes at some point in the delivery. Also, please make sure to emphasize the "p" and the "s". Whoever you're talking to will really feel your displeasure with whatever typs behavior is currently frosting your cookies.

Spread the "typs", love the "typs", but don't be "typs"!

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