Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sharing is Caring

Last night, Nate and I stumbled upon this Frontline episode on Lee Atwater. Which prompted him to turn to me at the end of it and say, "Don't you just love finding out things that make you feel completely stupid for not knowing them up until now?" Yes; it's a humbling experience. I knew vaguely who Atwater was (a mastermind behind the GOP in the 1980's) but I had no idea how far reaching his influence was (Karl Rove, anyone??). Anyway, his story is a fascinating one worth hearing.

If that wasn't enough information on the underbelly and sick and twisted world of politics, he then put on Wake Up Call- the New World Order documentary. It's completely absorbing (whether you choose to believe the information in it or not). It's free online if you click on that link I posted.

I share because I love.

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