Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Was There


As I rode the 147 up Lake Shore, I made sure to remind myself to take it all in- take in this beautiful day in this beautiful city for this historic event. I have never been a part of something so big and so communal and SO positive. Everyone was talking to each other and bouncing around with excitement.

We got into the rally just in time to find our spot and watch the polls go up and up in our favor. We heard about Ohio in the line outside and we saw Virginia's results on the big screen...and then, without announcement or notice, up on the screen it said BARACK OBAMA ELECTED PRESIDENT.

I'm not exaggerating here- this was a top moment in my life.

From that point on it was cloud 9, pure bliss, "pinch me!". I was so surprised by the relief I felt. I expected to be ecstatic, but the relief was the primary initial feeling. FINALLY! These last eight years have been painful, stressful and incredibly discouraging. And these have been the years my generation has come into its own- we've had no choice but to be disillusioned and disheartened with our country. FINALLY- sweet, sweet relief!

It still hasn't full sunk in- the reality of it all. I can't even believe I get to say that I was there! To say I feel lucky is an understatement.

As we walked north up Michigan following THE speech, there was this feeling of community and love and (you guessed it...) hope. Every ten minutes or so a chant would start "YES-WE-CAN!" or "O-BA-MA". Totally thrilling- the best kind of celebration.

This measly blog doesn't do Tuesday night any justice. It was the real deal and I've promised myself to etch it in my memory. Here's hoping all the rest of you enjoyed the historic night as well! And to those of you that didn't...y'all just had eight years- There's a new sheriff in town.

Sign, sealed, delivered- he's ours :)


Warren said...

Hey Katie - I am sooo jealous. I saw the huge crowd on TV from our little party (compared to Chicago) in Apex, North Carolina. BUT....Obama won North Carolina as well!!! I could have never imagined.

The question is....are you going to the inauguration?

Katie Sambo said...

Woo Hoo for NC!

Ha- I'll be picking out my gown for the inaugural ball.

(I wish!)